Friday, April 17, 2009

Game 2

In just a few hours the Pens will be playing game 2 against the Flyers. If they play their game as effectively as they did in game 1, they should be able to get another win. The question is though, what Philly team will show up tonight? The one that showed up in the last game of the regular season and the first game of the playoffs, or a better and more disciplined Flyers? Either way, we feel the Pens are better, especially with the way their defense played in game 1, but it will be a lot easier if the Flyers can't figure out what's wrong and fix it.

Old news by now, but David Carcillo was suspended for one game for the blow to head he put on Max Talbot at the end of game one. Coach Stevens was also fined $10,000. We think this is a good call, but it shouldn't matter much other than this guy can't be attempting to hurt anyone in tonight's game. We think a couple of those other hits were just as bad if not worse than this but whatever.

And on to some disappointing news for those of you lucky enough to be in Pittsburgh. Game 3 on Sunday will not be shown on the big screen outside Mellon Arena because NBC says no. Last year this wasn't a problem and now all of a sudden it is. We hate NBC to begin with for hockey and basically everything else too so this isn't too surprising and doesn't make us like them any more now obviously. It seems like a selfish way to deprive a couple thousand people the enjoyment of watching the game in their hometown with the people that share their passion. Terrible decision by NBC in our opinion and it's just going to turn the whole Pittsburgh market (and beyond) on their station. Thank goodness FSN appreciates Pittsburgh and it's fans.

The other problem we have with this is the fact that last year when the game was shown on the jumbotron inside Mellon Arena you had to pay like five dollars or something like that to get in and that money went to charity. So basically NBC is denying the Mario Lemieux Foundation a lot of money if the Pens continue on in the playoffs and they are shown on NBC. Ridiculous. 

Empty Netters has a phone number and Pensblog has a ton of e-mail addresses and phone numbers. If you disagree with this, let them know it. We think NBC won't know what hit them. They just might get how much sports mean in Pittsburgh after this.

Enjoy the game and here's to winning game 2. Go Pens!


Pippi said...

I am very grateful that hockey god answered my non-stopping pray during the third period and overtime to empower Pens to tie the game and win it eventually. It reminded me of the divisional playoff game between Steelers and Jets in 2004 season -- how hard I prayed for Jets to miss its final two field goal attempts. I don't usually pray. The only situations I can recall praying were during Steelers' and Pens' games. I don't know if my heart is strong enough to take a thriller like this often. I hope Pens play better next game and go a little easy on me. ;-)

Faceoffs and First Downs said...

You're not the only one that feels that way. lol. Overtime is hard especially since it's sudden death. Any time a puck goes near the goal it feels like your heart stops. Ah, playoff hockey! :)