Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pens vs. Caps - Game 1


We've thought about what to say about this first game and this series and it's kind of like the Flyers series. Too much to say. You've got rivalries, the best players in the game, wild fans, and much more than we have time to list. At the end of the day though, we think everyone can agree that this is going to be one entertaining series. You're definitely not getting a break from the action with this one, it looks to be just as physical as the last series. You better buckle up because this series is going to take you for one heck of a ride.

For the Pens to win this series we, along with everyone else, think their power play needs to improve. That obviously isn't much of a brilliant statement considering how bad it's been for some time now. Drawing penalties is great, if you can capitalize on them. Capitalize against the Capitals. Ha-ha. That sounds like a Bob Errey key to the game. But seriously, the Pens need to step it up on the power play and get as many pucks to the net as possible on the Caps rookie goalie.

The Pens defense obviously needs to be good against players like Alexander Ovechkin and Alexander Semin. You cannot give these guys room to work and being physical can't hurt either. You know the Caps' game plan includes being physical, especially against Malkin and Crosby. It's the Pens job to be physical right back, especially on Ovechkin because we all know he's going to be physical.

The Pens also need to get a lot of shots on goal against the Caps rookie goalie, Varlamov. He hasn't seen the likes of an offense like the Pens. He may see Alexander Ovechkin in practice, but he hasn't seen Crosby or Malkin in a big game. If the Pens can exploit Varlamov, well, you know what happens. And knowing that his back-up is Theodore, it doesn't get much better.

Links to get you to game time:

Penguins Notebook: Getting tickets tough call now  We find this pretty disgusting. The Caps are so desperate to keep Pens fans out of the Verizon Center that even if you live in the D.C. area, if you have a purchasing history of Pens games, they won't sell you tickets per the request of owner Ted Leonsis. We get that you want your team to be supported and we get that Pens fans used to be in large numbers there, but this is ridiculous. Obviously it must be their right to do this but we find it pretty pathetic.

Malkin still doesn't like popcorn  Geno is hoping the fans in Washington are better than the popcorn dumping ones in Philly. We wouldn't hold our breath on that one, but if the security and other measures they took after the Rangers incident are still in place, Geno might be in luck. And as for the popcorn, is it really worth the five bucks to dump it on the other team's head? Dumb question, we know.

That's it from us for now, we're going to get some sleep before the game. It is on NBC, although we're hoping for no Pierre because Darren Pang was so much better. After this the games are on Versus and FSN. Speaking of Versus, we have some info coming up on their upcoming coverage. As well as a giveaway. Hint, hint. Stay tuned.

Go Pens!

P.S. We surely hope Caps fans don't let us down and that they make sure to tell Sidney Crosby that he sucks. We can't wait for your clever slogans on your signs and t-shirts. We can't wait for your chants. We like a mad and determined Sidney Crosby. So please Caps fans, don't let us down.

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