Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pens - Lightning

The Pens have another chance to clinch a playoff spot tonight against the Tampa Bay Lightning at 7:30. The Pens are playing for a playoff spot, playing a team not in the playoff race, and they've had a day off so there shouldn't be an excuses for not playing hard or to win. We're going to save all of the cliches about TB having a ton of ex-Penguins and all that and spare you the time. It's just time to win tonight. Period.

Coming soon:

Our argument for Evgeni Malkin for MVP. (Yes, we just wanted to be dramatic)

And to those who read this blog...We wrote a little while ago about maybe quitting this blog and we just wanted to be clear about a couple of things. We were feeling burnt out and our drive was a little lost and any drop of creativity we had was out the window. We were probably a little dramatic on that too and should have chosen our words a little more carefully. Yes, we were contemplating being done with this blog, but we should have given it a bit more time and asked you to be patient with us while we recovered from burn out. We're still here and are brainstorming for a couple new things around here. Thanks for hanging in there with us and thanks for your great comments to us, we appreciate it.

Go Pens!


Pippi said...

Just some random thoughts:
Even with a win and a play-off spot, I am not very happy with how Pens almost let Bolts back into the game. I live in New York so I couldn't see the game on TV. When I saw the score at 4-0, I was pretty happy and thought that was it. I was actually thinking they'd better not score too many goals since it doesn't seem to be a good sign for their next game if you know what I mean (on a side note, are Canes crazy or what, 9 straight wins, 9-0 tonight vs. Islanders, I wonder how long they will last). I was really mad when the score became 4-3. I was thinking, "Here we go again". I really hope this third-period melt down problem won't come alive once again. Pens simply cannot afford to have it in playoffs.
It seems to me that Pens are currently in a good spot, if they stay at 6th, then they play Devils in the first round, a better (easier) opponent than Flyers, Caps, or Bruins in my opinion.
I also cannot stand the thoughts of Ovechkin leaping over Geno at the very end of the season. Geno got 2 tonight but that guy also got 2. So Geno better start getting more for each of the final two games!

Faceoffs and First Downs said...

We agree with all of that. Ovie stealing the show at the end will make us sick. Geno deserves it.

The Devils definitely seem like the best opponent for the Pens in the first round, especially since they aren't doing so well as of late.

And you're more than right that the Pens cannot let up in the third period and let the other team get back into a game that they are leading, especially by 4. Somehow we think Dan Bylsma won't stand for that and they better not either.

Thanks for the thoughts!