Thursday, April 23, 2009

Let's finish this thing

The Pens have the opportunity to end this series and advance to the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. It can't really get a whole lot better than ending this series in five games, being at home to do it with a whiteout, and eliminating the Flyers from the playoffs. We just hope Fleury can pull off another amazing game and send the Flyers home for good. We really don't need this series to go any longer and have to go back to Philly. The Pens need to remember what they're playing for, which we don't think will be much of a problem, and play more in the offensive zone instead of their own end. Will someone please tell Fleury the Flyers still think they have him figured out? Should be good for another amazing performance.

Fleury's play limits options  You should read this article just because Collier calls Fleury "the smiling netminder with the chocolate Tootsie Pop eyes." Now if you're of the female variety, that probably sounds pretty good and you could stare into them all day although slightly creeped out that a man said that. If you're of the male variety you probably just plain find that strangely creepy.

There will be a whiteout at tonight's game. The atmosphere should be unbelievable and we think the whiteout always looks great. Now if we could only be there...

Go Pens!