Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pens beat Devils 6-1

(Peter Diana/Post-Gazette)

The Pens rolled past the Devils last night at Mellon Arena 6-1. We, along with many others, were nervous about facing a troubled as of late Devils team who had lost five in a row. A reeling team needs to turn it around sometime and their goalie is Martin Brodeur after all. Turns out the Pens had nothing to worry about and torched Brodeur and the Devils for six goals. The Pens also spread the love around with goals coming from Matt Cooke, Bill Guerin, Evgeni Malkin, Sidney Crosby (by way of skate), Jordan Staal, and Chris Kunitz. Crosby almost had another late in the game when he kicked the puck into the net and it was called no-goal.

The Pens managed two power play goals, which has been their glaring shortcoming, even in their impressive run in the time since Dan Bylsma took over as head coach. They were obviously outplaying the Devils and looked good although we're not sure whether the Devils really were playing that bad or if the Pens were playing that good. Either way, the Pens managed goals on the power play and that should count for something.

We have no formal recap as we were dealing with a few things while watching the game and did not take notes. Without notes, trust us, it'd be a horrible read. We have the worst memory ever and it would be a total disaster. Look forward to a Geno for MVP post soon and probably another note from us to clear up a few things. Thanks for hanging in there with us and we hope good things are around the corner.

Playoff tickets will go on sale on Tuesday, April 7th at 10 a.m. Good luck to those trying to get tickets.

Go Pens!


Itchy (aka Jared) said...

The Devils looked absolutely befuddled. I mean, the Pens didn't beat them, they spanked them.

Is it just me or does it seem like the Pens 1st line is really gelling. There's an energy there that is getting to be a real joy to watch.

Faceoffs and First Downs said...

Totally agree and we love Chris Kunitz. We're also excited about the fact that all lines are producing. The fact that six different players scored those six goals is awesome. Unfortunately we forget the stat at the moment and we'll try to look it up when it's not 3 a.m. but something like 15 different players have scored goals over their winning stretch. Depth is so important and the Pens are really coming together at a good time.

Can't wait for the playoffs. Go Pens!