Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's Go Time

You've just been Geno'd

The season flew by and the playoffs start today. We don't know where the time went but it doesn't get any more exciting than this right now. Cross state rivals in what should promise to be a hard-fought, physical match-up. If you're anxious, it's okay, we are too.

That picture, we don't have the original on this computer, is what we think of first when we think back to last year and the Flyers in the playoffs. If Geno can pull that one off again, we'll probably start a small riot in front of the Flyers fans' house down the street. (We know, ewww).

You could probably say a lot about this series but at the end of the day the Pens have home ice, it's going to be physical, it's going to be emotional, and it's going to be exciting. We think if the Pens can jump on the Flyers from the start, they'll be able to keep the momentum we feel they have on their side. The Flyers couldn't even beat a team with not much to play for in the last game of the regular season to gain home ice advantage, they obviously don't have any momentum coming in. Both teams have some nice depth but we think the Pens can be too much for their defense and Marty Biron to handle and jumping on them early only makes things worse for the Flyers. At the end of the day it's just time for the Pens to play their game and they should come out of this series alive. We're just hoping for no injuries and lots of penalties on the Flyers. Oh, and a working Pens' power play.

There are a ton of other links on the Pens site for great reading material, there are just too many to link to here. We know there are probably also a million other things we could talk about, but we're just ready to start this series.

The Post-Gazette is also awesome for coverage and reading material, go here to check it out. And the best part of hockey coverage over at PG, Empty Netters.

If you're in the Pittsburgh area, the big screen is up and running so you can watch the game outside Mellon Arena. We really wish we were closer to the 'burgh so we could at least go to watch there with a ton of other Pens fans.

We just searched for tickets to game 2 and some were available in level C. Believe us, it took a lot of restraining not to order those. Unfortunately we could really only make it to a weekend game and Friday night would be a possibility but iffy. Basically the point of that is that the Pens released more tickets today to both games. Doubt they will be available for very long and are probably gone by now, but for future reference, keep looking for tickets because you just might get some. Ticket exchange is also available if you want to pay those prices.

We will also be keeping up with the players' playoff beards. If you go to any of the games and get pictures of players with their playoff beards, or lack thereof, please send them in.

For now, that's it from us. At 4:37 a.m. it's time for sleep. Enjoy the game tonight, we know we will. 

Go Pens!


Toad268 said...

No Worries Here!

We will take the series and eventually the Cup!

Let's Go Pens!

Faceoffs and First Downs said...

Can you tell us why we've seen your site a million times and don't have a link to it? Will do now and thanks for the comment. :)

Pippi said...

The feeling before a Pens (and Steelers) play-off game is like nothing else in the world, excited, nervous, with many other hard-to-describe flavors. I am happy that Pens played exactly the way you said! You are a genius, FaFD (hope you don't mind the acronym, the full one is too long for me ;-) )! Let's see the complete dominance again next game! A little better percentage on power play goals wouldn't hurt too. ;-) I am also glad that Kunitz's son arrived right before the play-offs so he doesn't need to worry about missing any game. Congrats!! A victory like this is such a great birthday gift.

Faceoffs and First Downs said...

Tell us about that feeling! We're extremely jealous we're not in Pittsburgh, there isn't anything like being around a bunch of people who feel the same way you do while screaming and dancing and everything else crazy fans do.

Thank you for the accolades but we're far from genius. lol. And we don't mind shortening it, we struggle with a way to shorten it too because, you're right, it is too long. lol.

Even we were surprised at the game last night and how the Flyers overall were just flat. Let's hope it stays that way and we can end this in four or five and get some rest before the next round.

And it was your birthday?! HAPPY (BELATED) BIRTHDAY! Hope it was a good one topped off with a Pens win. Please eat some cake for us. ;)

Pippi said...

I also live away from Pittsburgh, so I could only screamed and jumped up and down from my living room. I wish I could be in Pittsburgh too. Even without a ticket, I could just park outside the Mellon Arena and enjoy the excitement. I wonder if you can actually hear the applause inside the arena from outside.
I was referring to a great (0th) birthday gift for Kunitz's new-born son, although I wish I could get a birthday gift like this. Excuse my English since I am not a native English speaker. ;-)