Sunday, April 19, 2009

Game 3, Yinz Luv 'Da Guins

With the Pens up 2-0 the series heads to Philadelphia for game 3. We all know what it's like in Philly. Harsh. Popcorn on the bench, profane words of every variety, and of course Flyers fans, like Caps fans, have their target set on Sidney Crosby. You know the boos and the Crosby sucks chants. Blah blah, what's new? You'd think the fans would learn not piss off Sidney Crosby but they obviously never will. Kind of like how their team will never learn to stop taking stupid penalties. But as Pens fans, we don't care because the end result benefits us. Please Philadelphia, do as you always do.

We expect the Flyers to have a little more energy considering they're at home and they're just like their fans, dirty, so that should get the team going. As for how long until they melt down and take stupid penalties or how soon Sid gets pissed is what's yet to be seen. And we're not betting on which one happens first because it's just too close to call. If the Pens can get the first goal, we think that will really wear on the Flyers and we all know what happens then. If the Pens stick to their game, they should be able to win again to all but put the series away. 

Unfortunately it must be watched on NBC unless you can get a CBC broadcast of something. Between NBC's bad product and their refusal to let the Pens show the game on their big screen, it makes us sick. We don't know who will be doing the game, but yesterday Darren Pang was between the benches instead of Pierre McGuire and he was much less annoying for the little bit we watched the Caps game yesterday. As for the rest of the broadcast, well it was your typical quality from NBC. And since we mentioned the Caps, they lost again yesterday 1-0 to the Rangers. The Rangers now have a 2-0 lead in the series. Looks like Ovie isn't doing much for his team in the playoffs, is he? We believe he has two assists, while his Russian league mate Geno has five points. We also heard about Ovie's superior defensive skills while the Rangers' only goal was being scored. What or where was Ovie? Standing around at the blue line of course! Who should be MVP?

Post Gazette coverage  Great article on Sergei Gonchar and Rob Scuderi and his father who is a retired police officer. Worth your time to read them.

Here is Yinz Luv 'Da Guins Game 2:

Go Pens!

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