Saturday, March 21, 2009

What beasts, Pens beat Kings


We have to start this out by saying this is our 300th post. Woo for us! We're so proud.

Moving on, Sid and Geno are absolute beasts. How lucky are we as Pens fans to have both of them on our team? They're both ridiculous and pull off things on a nightly basis that most of us could only dream of. Geno has been playing at a ridiculously high level for a long time now while Sid has been a little off and on. By off and on we mean at that ridiculously high level because Sid is just plain good all the time, but as of late he's just been crazy good. After a steal in the offensive zone, Sid launched an awesome backhander past Kings' goalie Quick to start the scoring in the first period. Sid would also add an assist on a goal by Geno in which Crosby found his stick for the second goal of the period on a power play. Kennedy would add another goal, a backhander no less, and so would Billy Guerin with an assist from Geno. The Kings would get a goal in the third to make the game 4-1.

-The Pens are just plain playing good hockey. Who would have thought this is where they would be a month ago? With a 10-0-2 record in their last 12, they're being dominant and playing just as well, if not better, than anyone else. They also have four good lines to work with that could score on any shift. We have to say we think Staal has really improved since the coaching change and the more aggressive playing strategy. It seems to fit who he is and it only helps the Pens be a better team.

-The Pens had a few too many penalties tonight and hopefully they are more disciplined against the Flyers because if there is a team that can get under your skin, it's the Flyers. Sunday's game is huge because the Pens are right there with them in the playoff race and obviously just because it's the Flyers.

-We think Geno definitely deserves the Hart. We don't see another player quite on his level. The fans obviously also agree with multiple M.V.P. chants. The fans love Geno and Geno loves the fans. He even gave his stick away last night to some lucky fans. He also seems to like the media lately. We love that English. Welcome!

We're not going to bother to post the video because we're sure you've seen it enough already, but Ovie's little display for his 50th goal was rather...dumb. This isn't T.O. and the NFL and it definitely wasn't Chad Johnson, Chad is way more creative. We suppose it's okay to be different but you just don't see that in the NHL and to be honest, we don't want to see that. Jumping into the glass is great, hugs all around are great too, but that little premeditated routine was just so out of place and on top of that not even creative. Congrats on 50 goals on 12 million shots Ovie, way to go.

Go Pens!