Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pens - Panthers

The Pens will play the Florida Panthers today at Mellon Arena for the second time in three games at 7:30. This is another one of those four point games the Pens need to win to keep themselves in the playoff picture. The Pens and Panthers are tied in points but Florida has played one less game. Also, the Rangers lost last night and are now below the Pens in the standings.

The Pens played arguably one of their best games of the season against Florida a few days ago - playing a full sixty minutes, something the Pens have struggled to do all season. This time though, this is the Pens first home game after a long road trip, just like it was Florida's first home game after a long road trip. It should be interesting to see if that affects the Pens tonight. They shouldn't have any problem getting ready for this game though considering this will help them a lot in the standings and in their race to make the playoffs.

Penguins Report  Sykora missed practice yesterday and won't play against Florida. He is considered day-to-day by Dan Bylsma. Also included in there is some info on a breakaway contest and how Matt Cooke got punished for losing it. Also what Kunitz and Guerin had to say about getting to play their first game at Mellon Arena.


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