Monday, March 23, 2009

Pens lose to Flyers

The Pens lost to the Flyers yesterday 3-1. It would have been nice to get win and beat the Flyers but losing one game isn't the end of the world. It's just worse because it was the Flyers and the Pens weren't outplayed. The bounces went the Flyers' way and not the Pens' unfortunately. The Pens out-shot the Flyers and overall played good enough to win the game but Martin Biron decided he was going to play out of his mind yesterday. The Pens had some good chances but just couldn't capitalize, while the Flyers got some lucky bounces and an empty netter to seal the win.

The Pens' power play needs to be better but we and everyone else have been saying that basically all season long so it's really nothing new. The other issue we had with the Pens was the lack of discipline. Seven power play chances for the Flyers was not a good thing and they scored both of their goals on the power play. There were some sloppy moments and the Pens may not have been as aggressive as they have been lately but there was really nothing to be worried about in this game to think that anything was wrong. Besides, they can't win every game.

We don't really believe that those blue jerseys are the reason they lose but they definitely have a losing record. We kind of hate seeing them and wish it was over but we believe there is one more game where they will be wearing those blue jerseys. Plan for a loss now. Just kidding.

Since we didn't have a post yesterday we didn't talk about Geno's fine and possible suspension. We don't think Geno did anything wrong other than accidentally hitting a guy in the head. He had the puck and a guy was coming at him, what was he supposed to do, get run over? No. It's unfortunate the guy was hit in the head but it wasn't like Malkin took a run at his head or anything. Hopefully this doesn't cast Geno as some sort of villain now because we're sure everyone would love to paint him that way just as his teammate Sidney Crosby is whenever possible.

We also have to mention that The Sidney Crosby Show had a couple things to say about Crosby and him being visor-less for a while during the Bruins game. We may be late on this but we hadn't seen it mentioned anywhere else and our guess was as stated here in that he took the visor off to fight. Obviously Marc Savard decided he wanted no piece of that as the fight didn't happen. Probably a good idea considering Sid is strong and when pissed off, probably quite the handful. Just had to mention it since we were right. After all, no one ever listens to us. ;)


Greg said...

I hope Sid keeps the visor and gloves on...

Faceoffs and First Downs said...

Agreed Greg.