Friday, March 13, 2009

Pens lose in SO but gain a point

The Pens lost to the Blue Jackets last night 4-3 in a shootout. If you didn't see this game then you have no idea how good it was to get a point. The Pens were seemingly out of it with less than 12 minutes to play when they finally got a goal to start their comeback. They would end up getting three goals in a span of 3:25. Nuts. 

We were pretty pissed that the Pens and Pitt were on at the same time last night because we wanted to watch both. We're bigger hockey fans but it was the Big East tournament after all, and it's kind of a big deal. Nonetheless, we mostly watched hockey and we're glad we did. In case anyone cares to know, Pitt lost to West Virginia. UConn also lost to Syracuse after 6 OTs. Yay!

Back to hockey, this was a great game to watch. Those couple of Marc-Andre Fleury amazing saves were worth it alone. He could have made a couple more, and we think it's about time for him to get a rest this weekend with back to back games, but especially the save on Umberger was just ridiculous. Not on YouTube yet or we'd post it because we could probably watch that all night. Although we're sure it's included in the highlights to which there is a link on the aftermath page down below. Feel free to watch it again and again.

Dupuis finally broke his games without a goal streak by scoring on Malkin pass. You could see the relief on Dupuis' face after that one. You never know, he might get on a hot streak now.

Geno was also in on Max Talbot's goal when Malkin fed him a beautiful no-look backhand pass to him. We think Geno is pretty special and possibly a robot. How many times have we see him take hard hits or fall into the boards in an awkward position only to get back up and be fine? Last night he was hit hard and head first into the crossbar. OUCH! Right on the jaw. He was already bruising noticeably on his jaw after getting up from the hit. How does he do it? Could have had a broken jaw on that one but he was back out there a couple minutes later. What a player.

Also, as listed in the Aftermath:

Team Notables:
Buffalo: Defeated Florida, 3-1
Carolina: Lost to Dallas, 3-1
Florida: Lost to Buffalo, 3-1
Montreal: Lost in overtime to NY Islanders, 3-2
NY Rangers: Defeated Nashville, 4-2
Philadelphia: Lost to Washington, 2-1

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