Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pens - Flames

The Pens are back in action today against the Calgary Flames at 7:30. The Pens are now sitting in sixth place after being tied for fourth place before the game on Sunday. They have played so well and won so many games, but they still need to keep winning.

Geno Comes Out of the Shadows - This article is a must read in our opinion. Maybe it's because it's after 2 a.m. or maybe it's because we were eating Oreo pie after 1 a.m. (highly recommended by the way) but this article should give you a laugh. It's obviously about Geno being in the shadows of both Alexander Ovechkin and teammate Sidney Crosby but it also discusses his English skills and his amazing text messaging abilities.

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Go Pens!

1 comment: said...

The Flames are playing great together right now..Should be an interesting game all in all. I expect a high scoring affair, with a Pens win, 4-3.

Sidney Crosby
will net one and get 2 assists!