Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pens blow lead, lose in SO to Sens

How many of the Pens' games are going to go to shootouts? We know quite a few people don't like them and we generally find them entertaining but we really don't want games to keep coming down to that. We look at it like the Pens got a point out of this game and the last game but eh. Having a 3-1 lead on an inferior Senators team and then blowing it is not okay. Not scoring on the power play is not acceptable and something needs to change there, but really, why would it? Us and everyone else has been saying that for what feels like forever and not much has really changed so what makes you think it would now?

Basically we're just gonna throw a few thoughts out there and call it good on this game. Plus it's just kind of sickening to watch the Pens have a 3-1 lead and then blow it. Have they forgotten you need to play 60 minutes of hockey and not sit back and get comfortable when you have a two goal lead? Was this not the same team that came back against Columbus a couple days ago? Rant over.

- The Pens got one point. Better than none. The Rangers lost, Buffalo gained a point, Florida gained a point, and Montreal lost. Two points just would have been better.

- Posts played a huge roll in this game. The Sens his two or three in the span of like 30 seconds. They were the Pens best friend and worst enemy all day.

- Mark Eaton's pass to Sidney Crosby for his goal was pretty intense. We think Eaton's played a lot better as of late defensively and made some good plays defensively and then he pulls this. Nice.

-Godard scored a goal? No way! We thought this game was in the bag after that(or not) because how often does Eric Godard score? Twice a year so far.

- Fleury got a snow job from a Senator so he decided to take it into his own hands and throw a punch. Didn't really think he had it in him and then we saw a video of him fighting back in the day and we were impressed. A Fleury! Fleury! Fleury! chant ensued after.

- Speaking of Fleury, he played really well today. He made a bunch of huge saves and you can't blame every goal on him.

- Why do the Pens play so bad in the powder blue? Or does it just seem like that?

The Pens play the Boston Bruins today at 3:00 p.m. at Mellon Arena. Garon should start in net to give Fleury a break. Which Garon are we going to see? The 5-4 Toronto debacle Garon or the relief for Fleury in Washington solid? Let's hope the latter. Boston is the leading team in the east and the Pens need to bring it today unlike yesterday. Hopefully they can steal a couple of points. The only other team that plays tomorrow that we care about in terms of the playoffs are the Rangers who will play Philly at home. Technically we're only four points behind Philly but you get the point.


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