Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pens - Caps

(Peter Diana/Post-Gazette)

They're back. The Pens will play the Capitals today at 3:00 p.m. We all remember the 5-2 beat down that was the last game against the Caps. The Pens are playing well now and have won their last five games, the last four coming on the road. We doubt after the last match-up that the Pens won't come to play. The Caps however, have lost their last three home games and four out of five since beating the Pens at home February 22nd. If the Pens win, it would be the first 5-0 road trip in franchise history.

It should be interesting to see how the Ovie vs. Sid/Geno show goes down today. Ovie missed the Caps' last game because of a bruised heel that was hurt in practice when he was hit with a puck. He says he's 100%, but like he would really say anything else? He seems to get a high off of games against the Pens and getting to hit Sid and Geno. Should be interesting to see how the new additions to the team deal with Ovie and his antics, especially Kunitz and Guerin when Ovie undoubtedly will take a run or two at Crosby. Maybe this time he'll learn that it's not such a good idea to do so.

Speaking of bad ideas, a couple of Caps fans have bought 500 pacifiers that they are going to distribute to fans in seats near the ice level in an attempt to taunt Crosby. How creative, huh? Capitals coach Bruce Boudreau was asked about it and said "I have no idea, and I don't want to know. Oh, geezus, no, please, no. What a waste of money." He obviously knows what Flyers and Caps fans don't seem to. When you taunt Sidney Crosby, Sidney Crosby will make you pay. You can yell Crosby sucks all day and he won't bat an eyelash in your direction. But he will elevate his game and kill you on the ice all day. He's done it to the Flyers for how long now? And they still don't get it. Obviously Caps fans are right there in intelligence because they obviously think it's a good idea to boo Crosby, and now, suck on pacifiers. Genius. The only people who are going to be crying and looking stupid are those sucking on pacifiers when Crosby lights the ice on fire.

Seth from Empty Netters is going to be at the Caps game today so be sure to check out his blog over at the PG.


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