Monday, March 16, 2009

Pens beat Bruins

What a game today. The Pens beat the Bruins, in regulation!, 6-4. Guerin didn't waste any time getting the scoring going by getting a goal 50 seconds into the game. Too bad that didn't last long. About 16 seconds later, the Bruins answered with a goal of their own. Both teams would add another goal before the period was over to have the score tied at 2-2.

There was only one goal in the second and it was scored by the Bruins. The Pens were on a power play and Geno and Gonchar made a terrible play in their own zone which led to a Bruins shorthanded goal. Not good. Score 3-2 Bruins to end the second.

The third period is where it really got interesting. Sergei Gonchar didn't waste any time tying the game at 3, scoring a goal 43 seconds into the period. But the Pens weren't done yet. About 18 seconds later Chris Kunitz scored on a breakaway off Guerin's pass that he scored by putting a backhander five hole. The Bruins obviously weren't going to make this easy and tied it up on a power play not long after with 17:06 left to play. Score 4-4. Sykora decided he didn't want another game to end in a tie so he scored a goal with 10:31 left in the game after having several chances all game. He finally put one in and the score is 5-4. The score would stay that way until there was only 56.2 seconds left when Jordan Staal made a nice move to get the puck and put it into the empty net to give the Pens a 6-4 lead and the win.

- The Pens made some mistakes today but overall played a really good game. They kept up with the Bruins who are the best team in the Eastern Conference. Looks like they realized they still have to play 60 minutes of hockey.

- Sidney Crosby usually wears a visor and was without one for a while during the first period. Obviously it's possible that it broke or for some reason he needed a new one and couldn't get one right away, although it is made by Oakley and Oakley basically rocks. If you haven't checked out what they have to offer, especially in the sunglasses department, do yourself a favor and check them out. But back to Crosby. Bob Errey stated during the game that Crosby had asked, and this is where we suck, a Bruin who we don't know his name, to fight and that Bruin said yes. As far as we can remember (yes, our memory sucks, we know) his visor was missing after that info from Bob and our thought was maybe he took it off purposely with intent to fight. Maybe we're insane, we don't know, but we thought it was possible. We've heard complaints about fighting with visors so...just a thought.

- The Crosby line is pretty intense. We especially like Kunitz. The Pens really needed that in front of the net presence and he brings that, along with Guerin. 

We apologize for the fairly shitty recap but we have to head out. The Pens will play again Tuesday against the Thrashers.

Go Pens!

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