Saturday, March 28, 2009

Britney Spears ruins ice

The Pens play the Rangers today at 1:00 in a big game. The Rangers are one point behind the Pens in the standings thanks to the Thrashers coming from behind and winning in a shootout the other night. The Pens need to win this game to stay ahead of the Rangers and in the playoff race.

Britney Spears' comeback tour "Circus" was at Mellon Arena last night, which means that they won't have a whole lot of time to convert the arena back into hockey mode after the show. They spent a couple of days just setting up for it. Crosby expects the ice to not be in very good condition and choppy. Sounds like a fun time. Fleury was planning on going to the show "for a little bit to see what it's like." Other players were still trying to get tickets. Seriously? Whatever turns you on we suppose.

Go Pens!

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