Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Steelers stuff

So we've been pretty bad at reporting anything Steelers related around here for a while. Granted there hasn't been a ton of news but it's still our job so-to-speak. But what can we say? We have hockey fever and watching the Pens go 5-0 on an 11 day road trip is way better than the fact that a 37 year old receiver visited the Steelers yesterday.

After losing Nate Washington to the Titans, the Steelers are looking for a number three receiver and so they brought in former Tampa Bay Buc Joey Galloway for a visit. Yes, he's 37 and we don't know about you but we find that rather old. Do we really need a 37 year old receiver? Geez. We have nothing more to say on this matter.

Bryant McFadden has now officially signed with the Arizona Cardinals for two years, $10 million, $5 million guaranteed. Oh boy, we lost another one. The Steelers do have options though when it comes to his replacement, although we didn't want to see him go and figured the Steelers would be sorry to see him go. Unfortunately, they weren't going to give him the money he could get elsewhere. Arizona already has enough former Steelers and now they add one more.

Oh, and T.O. to the Bills? Don't even get us started.

That's all from us. Don't blame us, we have hockey fever.

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