Wednesday, August 13, 2008


So once again we suck at getting a daily post done. And coming up with titles for our posts. And probably a lot of other things too. Slowly we're getting things back together, so please bear with us.

Tonight we'll keep it short and once again tell you to head over to the PG to read all of their great content. Ed Bouchette's chat transcript is a good one as usual and there is even more writing on the infamous Anthony Smith. The Steelers play their next game Thursday against Buffalo in Toronto.

Almost completely off topic for this blog other than it's a sport and this blog is about sports, are the Olympics. Now we didn't care too much about them, especially with all of the boycott China talk, it kind of ruins things a bit. Plus we're kind of obsessed with hockey and football. Obviously. But as for the Olympics, we were pretty wrong on them and got more into it than we thought. Although don't get us wrong, we're not exactly sitting on the edge of our seats over table tennis. Playing is so much better than watching, of course. The men's swimming 4 x 100m free final was pretty exciting and amazing to watch. And seeing a 23 year-old freak have the most gold medals in Olympic history and dominate his sport to that extent is pretty awesome. Now to clarify, Michael Phelps just has to be some sort of freak to dominate the way he does period, let alone when swimming that much each day. Today he was going to be swimming over 5 miles. May not be that impressive to some but this is the Olympics with the best swimmers in the world. The more you learn about Phelps, the harder it is not to be amazed or not root for him to get yet another gold medal. Try not to be impressed, we dare you.

Phelps has a lot to be smiling about.

Now go watch some swimming!

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