Saturday, August 16, 2008

History is being made

First off, we once again get that this is a Pittsburgh football and hockey blog, but those are sports so we're not getting too far off topic by mentioning this. Plus we even talked about a movie once. *Gasp* Yesterday night Michael Phelps finished first in the 100m Fly by .01 seconds (that picture is worth a thousand words). Phelps was seventh of eight at the turn and somehow chased down the leader and out-touched him by .01 seconds. Ridiculous. Watching that race, there was no way you would have thought Phelps was going to win. Most people expected him to chase down the leader and at least contend for the top spot, but down to the last few meters it looked like he was going to run out of room. Even watching it, you thought for sure he was second, as did his own mother, before seeing the 1 placed by his name. And before any of you who don't watch swimming, or want to be haters and say it was fixed, well the touches are recorded by touchpads that are electronic and don't lie. I'm sure you haters will say they do. Watching the replay slowed down, it's pretty amazing to see what happened. Make sure to catch this race on YouTube or something if you didn't see it. It's worth the look, we promise.

And here's the slow-mo of the finish, no sound but it works. There's also plenty of videos of the full race on YouTube, most not so hot but they're there if you're interested. 

We're witnessing history here and it's pretty amazing. By far one of the best athletes in the world. Don't miss his final race tomorrow, the 400 medley relay where he'll be swimming the fly leg of the race. The race should start just before 11 p.m. EST.

And for the ladies, check out that bod! If you're interested in a close up of that bod, check out Sports Illustrated's Olympic Preview from a couple weeks ago. You can go to and look at it. Trust the females here, it's worth the look. ;-)

Heinz Kluetmeier/SI

And as for the Steelers, the PG has a couple new articles reviewing the Steelers-Bills preseason game and James Harrison being upset with the defense. And even the Ravens have found a little class.

EDIT: Ryan Whitney is out for at least three months after having surgery on his foot.

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