Friday, August 22, 2008

Steelers sign Farrior to 5-year deal

The Steelers signed a contract extension yesterday with linebacker James Farrior. The contract is worth $18.25 million total with a $5 million signing bonus and he will make slightly less than $10 million the first two years and $12.6 million over the first three. The 33-year-old linebacker now knows he will retire as a Steelers player, what he wanted all along. The contract was designed for Farrior to retire within three years and not five. To read Ed Bouchette's article, click here.

Bob Smizik has an opinion on the Steelers signing James Farrior to an extension, as well as information on how the deal got done.

We're glad to see James Farrior stay, he's been good for the Steelers and not every guy who's over 30 years old is a bad choice. We were surprised though, since it's always said the Steelers want nothing to do with contracts to players over around the age of 30. Congratulations to James on his contract and it'll be nice seeing him retire in the black and gold.

The head of the NFL players' union, Gene Upshaw, has died at the age of 63 of pancreatic cancer.

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