Friday, August 8, 2008

Steelers play tonight at 7:30

Don't forget to watch the Steelers first preseason game tonight at 7:30 on either FSN Pittsburgh (if you're in the "Steelers zone") or NFL Network. If you have FSN Pittsburgh you can watch Savran on Sportsbeat starting at 6:30 for a full hour of pre-game coverage. NFL Total Access is also on for a full hour starting at 6:30 but we have no idea what kind of coverage they'd have. Obviously not all Steelers like Savran but we're throwing the option out there for you.

Over at the PG Ed Bouchette writes an article about Fast Willie Parker having to prove himself after injury and Rocket Rashard Mendenhall making his debut.

If you want to read Bob Smizik's article about Casey Hampton and how he thinks Coach Tomlin went too far with his punishment, you can read it here.

And here are the headlines over at the Trib.

Enjoy the game!

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