Friday, August 15, 2008

Steelers lose their second preseason game

The Steelers lost their second preseason game to the Buffalo Bills in Toronto last night 24-21. We ended up getting to watch the game on TV because it was on "BTN," Buffalo Television Network, or something like that. And the announcers were horrible. But anyway, speaking of basically horrible, the first-team defense didn't look so hot last night. We know they don't show too much in preseason and all that but they looked bad. Hopefully that gets corrected before the start of the season. Also on the horrible list would be the coverage on that 95-yard kickoff return for a touchdown in the third quarter after Rashard Mendenhall's 6 yard touchdown. Is special teams ever going to get better? Are we ever going to be able to not hold our breath every time someone is going to return a punt or a kickoff? Also, is it just us or does the whole, they score a touchdown and then they let the other team score right after that happen often? 

Roethlisberger to Holmes looked pretty darn good tonight once again and Holmes looks like he's going to have a big year. In terms of Byron Leftwich, we weren't that impressed. That whole fumble thing reminded us of a move Tommy Maddox would have made back in the day. Not good. Dennis Dixon looked pretty good to us. He's obviously is still learning but he looks like a heck of an athlete. That 47 yard TD run was nice. We thought his arm looked pretty good too, especially on that hail mary to end the game.

Overall, not too great but things should look up, they have all the weapons.

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