Thursday, August 14, 2008

Preseason game 2 today

The Steelers play their second preseason game tonight at 7:30 in Toronto against the Buffalo Bills. The starters will play more in this game. Unfortunately we will not be able to watch since we are considered outside the market area. Which we have to say is the stupidest thing ever. Thank you NFL. We'll have to try to catch some of the highlights when the game is replayed on the NFL Network.

The Post-Gazette has an article today from Ed Bouchette on James Farrior that is a good read, entitled "Oldest member of Steelers' defense continues to play every snap."

The Post-Gazette's restaurant critic does an article today on what it takes to feed a hungry Steelers team.

Check out the Trib for some more Steelers articles including one on how Timmons is pushing Foote at linebacker.

And on a football related note, we couldn't resist mentioning this. Chad Johnson wants to legally change his name to, wait for it now, wait for it...OCHO CINCO! Are you kidding? That is ridiculous. But it fits we suppose. Is he really saying he wants to be Chad Ocho Cinco for the rest of his life?  Wow. According to Pro Football Talk, he's taken the first steps in the state of Florida towards changing his last name to exactly that. We have to say this isn't funny at all and to us this is even a little far for Chad Johnson. Not to mention that doesn't Chad call himself "eighty-five?" Like, who covered eighty-five? (the Steelers? yeah, we think so) If he's going for the whole, eighty-five in Spanish thing, then he's got it wrong. Ocho cinco would be eight five, not eighty-five so WTF Chad? Seriously. Eighty-five would technically be ochenta y cinco. Next time you decide to make a big deal out of something so ridiculous, please know the correct terminology before you open your big mouth.

In Penguins news the new arena groundbreaking is today at 11 a.m.

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