Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sidney Crosby prefers whiskey

We know we're still not doing very well in terms of updating the blog and we apologize. We haven't felt well for a while and the last few days have been pretty bad so we're trying to rest up (and failing miserably obviously). We are trying to think of some new stuff for this blog while we're out of commission, hopefully something good will come of this. Please forgive us.

And referring to the title of this post, Sidney Crosby did an interview with the Trib about his upcoming 21st birthday and revealed his preferred drink of choice is whiskey. Jack Daniels or Crown Royal to be specific. Now when we first heard this we thought, why is Sid the squeaky clean Kid drinking before his 21st birthday? Then we realized we were more out of it than we thought and remembered he's from Canada and you can drink in Canada at 18 or 19, 19 where Crosby is from. Obviously turning 21 isn't quite as exciting for Sid as it may be for those in the US, but at least he's now legal here. You can read the interview here. So who's up for buying Sid a drink for his birthday?

If you live in the Pittsburgh area be sure to head over to the Sidney Crosby Show (link to the right) and check out some info on some drink specials and a Sidney Crosby look-a-like contest at a Pittsburgh bar in honor of Sid's birthday. We'd love to see pictures of this.

By the way folks, if you don't already know, his birthday is August 7th. And if you don't know where his lucky number came from, his birth date is 8/7/87. Makes sense huh?

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