Saturday, August 30, 2008

It's official

Chad Johnson has reportedly officially changed his name to Chad Ocho Cinco. The man is also officially nuts. Let's hope he never has kids or gets married or gets traded. Actually, we kind of hope he does get traded and can no longer be number 85, then what? We brought up when we first heard this that eighty-five in Spanish is not ocho cinco, but ochenta y cinco and we finally found someone else who brought this up. So thank you to akus over in The Pensblog comments section for pointing this out. We don't feel so alone now in being somewhat educated in Spanish.

akus said...
Hey Johnson,
its ochenta y cinco

Spanish-Ebonics comes alive.


Mark me as the 6th one to read the filler post.

6 down,3 to go.

8/30/2008 1:23 AM

Thank you!!! You receive the gold star of the day!

As for Steelers news, they have decided to go with Byron Leftwich as their backup and Charlie Batch will either go on IR or reach an injury settlement with the team and be available to them later when he has healed, provided he hasn't signed with anyone else. Mike Tomlin has also made many of the other cuts necessary to cut the team from 75 to 53 yesterday, but decided not to announce any until today. The team has until 6 p.m. to be down to the required 53 to start the season.

We're sorry we've been absent as of late, we've been under the weather. Should be more news on final cuts tomorrow, see you then.

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