Thursday, August 7, 2008


Can you tell we're excited about football season? We finally get to see some action this Friday night at 7:30. It'll be nice to see all the new faces and what they can do. And maybe our only chance to see some of them. Limas Sweed should be getting a lot of playing time and we're excited about that one. Ben Roethlisberger is going to start and probably play a series, after that Charlie Batch should take over. Dennis Dixon and Mike Potts will also play. To see who else will be getting starting duties, read the Steelers notebook over at the Post-Gazette here.

Anthony Smith is at it again. After last year's guarantee and his past hard hits in training camp, he's done it again, only this time to someone a bit higher up. Smith hit Hines Ward on a pass over the middle and Ward was none too happy about it. Ward hasn't like some of Smith's other hits previously on Willie Reid, and wasn't any happier about his own hit. Ward wasn't smiling when he was asked about it and said that he wasn't going to discuss it. We're sure he probably had a discussion with Anthony later on. You can read the PG article here.

Also over at the PG is an article on Stanley Druckenmiller and how his offer is still on the table. You can read it here.

And last but not least, Gene Collier writes an article about how the NFL is now trying to crack down on unruly fans. Although by the looks of their rules, you won't be allowed to do a whole lot of anything. And don't buy too many of those $8 beers or you'll be too intoxicated and they'll throw you out, possibly forever. And yes, this does include verbally abusing the opposing team's fans. What fun is that? Of course there should be a line, but at this rate you won't even be able to say Cleveland sucks. And that sucks. Read his article here.

Here is our favorite picture of the day, Heath Miller working hard at training camp.

Matt Freed/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Heath Miller catches a pass at training camp.

Don't forget to watch the game Friday at 7:30. If you have FSN Pittsburgh, Savran on Sportsbeat will be on at 6:30 with a full hour of pre-game coverage, followed by the game. If you don't get FSN Pittsburgh, or if you're outside what the NFL determines to be "Steelers territory" and can't watch the game itself, the game will be on NFL Network live at 7:30.

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