Sunday, July 27, 2008

Steelers training camp starts today

Today is a day many of us have been waiting for for a long time, the Steelers to report to training camp. For a lot of us, hockey filled that void for a long time thanks to the Pens and their amazing Stanley Cup playoff run. But after that heart-breaking loss one game away from playing for the Cup, we had a void of good sports to watch. No offense to those who like baseball or the Pirates, but let's be real for a moment, the Pirates are basically a joke the majority of the time. Between the ownership and lack of winning, well we just have nothing to say. Or maybe we do but we'll hold off on that because, well because we love the 'Burgh. And PNC Park really is beautiful.

But anyway, the Post-Gazette has plenty for you to read on the opening of training camp today, including some more of Ron Cook's wonderful writing (uh, no). If the ownership situation could get resolved, everything would be basically set now that they've signed all of their draft picks. We sure hope it stays with the Rooneys. Now get over to the PG and read all you can on the Steelers. We'll try to be much better in the days to come, things have been rough lately. Enjoy the Steelers.

As for your random YouTube, it's Beaker! We love that guy, takes us way back. What does this have to do with football or hockey? NOTHING! We just love Beaker and it's our blog. Got a problem with that? Don't care. (We still love you though.)

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