Friday, July 18, 2008

Pens schedule released and Therrien signs three-year deal

We started this post last night (the 18th) and in the middle of it, our power went off. And stayed off for the next five or so hours. We didn't get to sleep till 7:30 am and we're tired once again. We know we basically suck lately, hopefully we'll make up for it soon. And on to our two combined posts...

Sorry we've been so crappy at updates lately but we've been busy and extremely tired. And nothing all that exciting really happened anyway, so we hope you'll forgive us. We had to post today on the Pens schedule being released. You can view it at the PG or the Pens' site. We're excited for the games against the Red Wings so, as Seth over at EN pointed out, Brooks Orpik can give Marian Hossa some free candy. And we're sure there will be plenty of boos in Mellon Arena for him too. Seth has done a good job pointing out all the important games, so we'll leave it to him and you can see that here. One of the things in Seth's post is the games that could be on NBC since they're scheduled for Sundays, and we notice two of those are Capitals games. Hmm, wonder why? Maybe because NBC will have an orgasm over Sid and Ovie playing against each other. Malkin should also be included in that mix. Gotta love that.

Michel Therrien signed a three-year extension with the Pens today. We'll let you read the PG's take and we'll link you to Seth because we like him the best. He also covers that the Thrashers signed Angelo Esposito.

Our random YouTube is that link right up there about Malkin and Ovie. BFFs of course. Enjoy.

Here's to hoping we finally get some real sleep and finally update this like we should be. Again, we apologize. Please forgive us.

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