Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Free Agency Day 1

So today we were met with a lot of rumors and a few signings. We feel bad we didn't keep up better than just posting our first post at 3:30 am but we figured other sites would do a much better job of covering this than we would. We're super tired after trying to keep up with all the rumors all day so basically we'll leave you with links to the local media who will word things about 12 times better than we ever could. We feel like we're skipping out on this but we don't think we'd do it enough justice. Although before we leave you with links we'll leave you with a few of our thoughts (because we know you want to know, haha). This Jagr thing bothers us a lot and we sincerely hope it's not true. Hossa please make up your mind already. Ditto to Brooks Orpik and Ruutu. We like the other signings and can't wait to see how Godard fights this season. Here's to hoping for more signings tomorrow and less crazy rumors.

All the NHL moves via the Post-Gazette.

Free Agency Day 1 Penguins style via the PG.

Bob Smizik commentary over at PG, Now we'll see what Shero is made of.

From the Trib, the Pens are going to announce a Malkin extension.

Dupuis and Eaton are pleased to stay Penguins.

The money was flowing in free agency on day one.

For some rumors and entertainment you can go here.

Well that's all for us tonight, it's 4 am and we think it's time for sleep. Sorry we sucked at recapping today, but we definitely couldn't do it any better than the links above so you might as well read quality stuff. We'll be back tomorrow. Probably sleep deprived. Try to get some sleep everyone and here's to hoping for a good day today.

And your random YouTube, Eric Godard fighting Georges Laraque. Enjoy!

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