Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sepulveda tears ACL in right knee

Today we received more bad news on the injury front, Steelers' punter Daniel Sepulveda has torn his ACL in his right knee, his non-kicking leg. He will be out for the entire season. This is the same knee he injured in college and which he had surgery for. Sepulveda says that the knee hasn't been the same since that surgery and could have contributed to this new tear. He also came back from this injury in college after only four months, while others generally take longer and it can take up to a full year for it to fully recover. The Steelers have picked up Paul Ernster off of waivers from the Detroit Lions, he is 26. You can read the full coverage and Sepulveda's remarks here.

Most people probably won't feel like this is a big deal but punting isn't exactly something to take lightly as it determines field position for the other team which can mean a lot, especially if your team isn't so great at covering them. We liked Sepulveda so we think it sucks this happened, but hopefully the knee is repaired better this time and he takes more time to heal.


That picture isn't the best and we found a better version somewhere earlier when catching up on the news, but now we can't seem to find it (of course). But look at that body. Wow. He makes quite a few of his teammates look bad. And he's a punter. Maybe he should offer advice to Casey Hampton, AKA Big Snack.

Santonio Holmes doesn't look to be a return man this year, although Coach Tomlin is "taking a peek." Ex-skier Jeremy Bloom is also in contention for this role. Personally, we'd like to see this guy based on his back story. We haven't really heard anything about him other than we heard he was fast at some point, so it's kind of interesting. Rashard Mendenhall is up for returning kickoffs, which he hasn't done since high school but says he feels comfortable there if that's what Coach Tomlin wants. We'll have to see how this plays out. 

Ex-Steelers' player Cedrick Wilson has a new job. As a coach. A high school coach. Not exactly up there with NFL player. In status or money. Good luck with that.

Limas Sweed and Nate Washington wowed the training camp crowd in Latrobe today with great catches and touchdowns. It sure seems like the Steelers have a great bunch of guys this year that can really "wow." We're getting really excited to see the new guys play and others like Holmes develop. We think the Browns should watch out.

                                             Peter Diana/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
       Uh oh, is that SLASH?! Phew, it's just Santonio Holmes. Nice form Santonio!

There's a pretty good article over at the Trib about the guy above and how he's poised for a leap year. He should be pretty exciting to watch.

And here is the list of Steelers news over at the Trib if you're interested.

Your random YouTube of the day is Daniel Sepulveda's famous tackle from college. All we have to say is DAMN, what a hit! We'd like to see that more often. Get well Sepulveda.

And for the heck of it, a video of Evgeni Malkin that Seth posted over at Empty Netters. He said watching this made him understand why the Russians are so mad. Enjoy.

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