Friday, July 4, 2008

A Fleury of news

Today had some big news for Penguins fans. First off, Marc-Andre Fleury has signed a contract with the Penguins that will keep him in Pittsburgh for the next seven years at a cost of $35 million. He will make $3.5 million the first two years, $5.5 the next three, and $5.75 in the final two or in other words an average of $5 million a season. This is great news, as the Pens and Ray Shero are making sure the team's core stays together. We have a feeling in a couple years this contract is going to look like a steal. Jordan Staal should be next, but we'll have to see when and if that happens.

The Pens also signed two wingers today in Miroslav Satan and Ruslan Fedotenko for $3.5 and $2.5 million respectively. We're anxious to see how these guys will work out for the Pens. We found it encouraging though that Satan actually approached Ray Shero in wanting to play for the Pens after watching the team in the Stanley Cup playoffs. We all know mentality has a lot to do with performance. You can read about these pickups at the PG and Trib here and here.

One other thing Seth from EN and The Pensblog has pointed out is Satan's profile pages at Yahoo!, Sports Illustrated, Fox Sports, and ESPN.

Yahoo --
ESPN -- --
Fox Sports --

They all end in 666. Did someone at every one of those websites think that was hilarious or what? On one hand it's semi-amusing, on the other it's just rather disturbing and not really all that funny at all. Your call.

Random YouTube of the day, Marc-Andre Fleury's amazing toe save in game 5 of the Stanley Cup final.

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