Sunday, July 20, 2008

Let's put a smile on that face!

Let's just get this out of the way now, yes we too are into "The Dark Knight mania" that seems to be sweeping across, well...everywhere. This is a hockey/football blog, what does The Dark Knight have to do with that? Nothing really, unless you count a quote that Batman said in the movie, "I'm not wearing hockey pads," to count for something. No? We tried. Basically it's summer and there's not a whole lot going on other than Bob Smizik writing articles like this and we really don't think you appreciate that too much (we won't even comment tonight). But back to the movie, you should see it if you're into drama, action, good acting, or Batman in general. And probably a million other things. We used to like Batman back in the day, the cartoon and the comic books and even reruns of that Batman and Robin show with all the "sound bubbles" with POW! and BAM! coming out of them. But as of late we weren't exactly "Bat nerds," but when we went to see I Am Legend (we love Will Smith) and saw the trailer for The Dark Knight we thought it had some good action but not much else (although it doesn't help when you walk into the theater late, oops!). A couple days later when we heard that Heath Ledger was the Joker, we about passed out. Now we didn't watch the trailer that close the first time (see above), but we still would have thought we'd know Heath Ledger. Wrong, obviously. We immediately had to go watch the trailer again to see for ourselves. And then ended up watching over and over and that's basically how we decided we had to see this movie. We don't go to the theater much at all, last movie we saw was I Am Legend and before that The Pursuit of Happyness (hey, we said we loved Will Smith) so it's obvious we don't go to the theater for just anything that comes out, we have to really want to see it (see: The Matrix Trilogy). Something about this movie made us really excited to go and it didn't disappoint by any means. (Plus, we didn't even go see Hancock so what does that say?) Heath Ledger was amazing as the Joker and we wish he was still with us to see how many people loved his interpretation of the character. For us it was fairly simple, we could watch the Joker and not see Heath Ledger at all. The only thing even remotely resembling him was the hair. It was amazing watching someone take a character and be so into it, that you don't see the actor playing him at all. The voices and mannerisms were creepy yet funny in some twisted way. Ledger took the Joker to a great place and you'll laugh at all his sadistic and creepy humor. The rest of the cast is great as well and the movie has plenty of action and beautiful shots. We won't tell you about the movie as we'd rather not ruin it for those who haven't seen it, but if you're even sort of thinking about going to see this movie, do it. It won't disappoint. You'll have fun laughing along with the Joker's sick humor and then wondering why. And if all of us are just that close to being just like him.

Random YouTube? Please, like you didn't already know. Enjoy.

R.I.P. Heath Ledger

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