Monday, July 28, 2008

Breaking news: Casey Hampton is overweight!

So Casey Hampton showed up at training camp on Sunday "overweight". Does that really surprise anyone? It sure doesn't us, they call him "Big Snack" after-all. But what we want to know is where is the line? As in, when do they consider a man that large to be "overweight?" Let's get real, the man is overweight period. Is that large belly really necessary? We doubt it. The guy is a great football player though so we'll cut him some slack, but not for showing up out of shape. Hampton couldn't finish the run test, which this year was more like jogging. The players had to "run" eight 100-yard segments and BS completed only five of those, which he labored through. Coach Mike Tomlin was so disappointed, he placed BS on the PUP list, or the physically unable to perform list, until he's in football shape. Coach Tomlin will decide when that is. BS spoke out about this, as did Coach Tomlin and you can read about that over at the PG here.

Ron Cook has written a semi-decent article (yeah, we know) on Big Snack that you can read here.

BS wasn't the only player to be put on the PUP list on Sunday, although the others were in shape and have minor injuries. Troy Polamalu has a minor hamstring injury, and Chris Kemoeatu has a weak tricep. Both players ran in the run test. Also reported in the PG's Steelers notebook is Nate Washington's new mohawk and Hines Ward doing some filming of his own for an NFL Network program.

Here you can watch a short video over at the PG of a few of the players arriving at camp and also check out their rides. Hines Ward sure likes his Louis Vuitton.

                                           (Chaz Palla/Tribune-Review)
                                                Nice hair Nate!

                                         (Chaz Palla/Tribune-Review)
                Santonio Holmes and Hines Ward greet each other at camp.

Your random YouTube is the Polamalu song! Woo! You know the one you can't get out of your head? Yeah. Plus it goes with the Muppet theme we started yesterday. We know it mentions Cowher and stuff but geez, it's the best we could do and it's 2:30 am.

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