Sunday, June 1, 2008

Pens lose game 4

So tonight was another must win to a lot of people and the Pens lost 2-1 to the Red Wings at home.  After they scored the first goal we really thought they'd pull this one out. Unfortunately it didn't work out that way.  We're sure Marc-Andre Fleury wants that second goal back but sometimes that's how things work.  Crosby was obviously frustrated as he went after Zetterberg for I'm sure a few choice words.  We didn't witness it but supposedly Zetterberg tried to slash his wrists in the final seconds. Either way frustration is coming out.  Crosby hates to lose and you can read about that here in the only link from us tonight.  It was said Malkin was in the locker room for a while by himself with his head in his hands, and we also witnessed the explicative that came from his mouth during the game.  It seems like things are hard on him, and most people have been hard on him, including us when we see those passes picked off or those missed opportunities.  Hopefully when this is all over we'll find out whether it's injury or him being mentally or physically tired as has been "reported" or if it's just a bad time for him.  I think it's hard to even begin to figure out because we don't know Geno.  A lot appears to be lost in translation and hopefully next season we'll see him blossom.  We just hope the rumors that he likes it here are true and the rumors that he wants the most money he can get aren't.  We love you Geno, so keep your head up.

It's not fun thinking about the fact that there could only be one more Pens game left or thinking about who they're going to lose after the season is over.  We're not giving up by any means and we'd be one of the first to get in line to support the Pens to win three in a row and "steal" the cup.  Even so, the end is near whether it's Monday or next Saturday.  We'll do our best to keep posts frequent and hope we find a few people who read this blog and appreciate what we try to do.  If you're out there, hit us up in the comments or an e-mail, we'd love new friends and new ideas.

Obviously Steelers football is coming up with training camp and the like.  We haven't kept up on Steelers news so far as the excitement of the Pens playoff run was just too exciting for us. That and the fact that Spygate was just too depressing.

Here is where we'll end our little group of thoughts for the night.  You know you can always find the usual links to the right or in other posts below.  You also know we love the Post-Gazette for their coverage, especially Empty Netters blog so please go and check that out.  The Pensblog is also a must, especially when we all now know Ruutu reads Pensblog, so obviously you should too.  The link above was a fun one and hope it brings a smile to your face, especially when it's mentioned that Sid has a butt to rival JLo.  I'm sure some of you ladies wouldn't mind seeing that.  ;)

Good night and here's to a win in game 5 in Detroit.  We aren't ready to give up, especially with a Captain like Sidney Crosby.  Here's to the Pens.  Let's Go Pens!

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