Thursday, May 29, 2008


Something obviously happened to the Pens tonight at home, they looked like a much better hockey team than in games 1 and 2.  Whatever it was, it worked.  They finally looked like the team we all knew they were and a team that can compete with the Red Wings.  This is the game everyone expected and has been waiting for in this series. Fleury played amazing and ate up practically everything thrown his way.  Crosby was just as amazing scoring two goals.  Sydor looked good for playing in his first game in a long time and was a good choice by Therrien.  Gary Roberts also had some great hits and really contributed with a lot of energy.  Malkin also had a much better game than he has been lately, really going after the puck and put some shots on net.  Let's hope the momentum keeps going and they can tie this series up on Saturday.

Our thoughts...

-The Pens are back!

-Sidney Crosby played amazing.

-Marc-Andre Fleury is also amazing, definitely a franchise goaltender.

-Adam Hall had a great goal for the game winner.

-Alexander Ovechkin kind of scares us.  And what's with the missing tooth?

-We hope Geno is getting his mojo back.

-Gary Roberts knows how to hit.  Hard.

-We wish we could have been in the Mellon tonight, the atmosphere looked amazing.

-Did we mention Sidney Crosby?

-What about Marc-Andre Fleury?

-What's with Ovechkin's beard?  Trying to compete with Sid's?  Did he forget he wasn't in the playoffs anymore?

-The penalty calls tonight were a bit better but definitely not consistent by any means.

-The defense played awesome.

-A lot more things we can't remember right now.

Crosby carries the Pens back into this series.

Colby Armstrong didn't expect to be at the Stanley Cup final as a reporter.

Online brokers and scalpers are facing off over Pens tickets.

It's getting late and we're tired so we're going to quit reading for now, but be sure to check out these places for your Pens coverage.

Game 4 on Saturday at 8 pm.  It's time to tie this up.  Let's go Pens!

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