Monday, June 2, 2008

Game 5 tonight.

So tonight the Red Wings have the chance to win the Stanley Cup but the Penguins aren't willing to give up yet.  It seems pretty impossible, but we don't think it's time to give up yet.  If they could win tonight and then go back to the Burgh for game 6, you never know what might happen.  It's time to stand with the Pens tonight and still have hope.  If they don't win the Stanley Cup, at least we know they should have a chance at it for years to come.  It's pretty exciting to think about.  Let's hope they can keep as many of this years players as possible.  One thing that bothers us the most about this is the fact that the team with the most passionate fans isn't the one winning.  It's kind of sad to think that Detroit can't sell out a Stanley Cup Final game easily, while the Pens sell out and have thousands watching outside.  Even so, tonight could be the last game of the season and we've had fun.  We hate to see hockey end as we've started to live and die with the Pens like we've lived and died with the Steelers for so many years. Here's to tonight's game and a Pens win in game 5.  Let's go Pens!

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