Friday, June 20, 2008

Where do we begin?

We don't even know where to start today based on all these rumors. Basically we're just going to say that we sat around hoping they weren't true. If you haven't seen all of yesterday's Evgeni Malkin rumors, you can check them out here. There's probably a few other whoppers out there but that was the basic stuff. We thought the idea was crazy from several view points, one being this is Evgeni Malkin we're talking about here and he's possibly the best player in the world. Two, who wants to trade someone that good for a draft pick and one other player? That draft pick could never amount to much and then where are you? And three, he said he likes it here and will take a discount which is awesome. And finally, WE LOVE GENO! Basically you tell yourself that it's crazy and not at all true, but in the back of your mind it kind of festers and you worry just a little that the Pens and Ray Shero have gone crazy. Then you see this article and feel much better. Basically this Yahoo! article and Ottawa's Bryan Murray had this to say:

“I don’t know where all this stuff comes from,” said Murray, who said he didn’t want to trade Spezza. “I heard rumours that Pittsburgh was moving one of its stars. I talked to their manager today to see if I could be included on the discussion and they kind of laughed at me.”

Murray was referring to the rumour that Evegni Malkin was being shopped around, which the Penguins steadfastly deny.

Whew! That was nice to hear. Then again, we're sure it's not the end considering these so called journalists enjoy writing some good BS these days to up their popularity, and for some, it's the only way people will read their columns. We won't mention any names.

Today's Post-Gazette has a few reads for everyone. The first being an article about the Penguins and this weekend's draft, which also goes on to state that Shero is expected to discuss contracts with the agents of Marian Hossa and Brooks Orpik this weekend. Orpik's agent was believed to have talked to Shero yesterday but neither party confirmed it.

PG is also reporting that the Mellon Arena will stay the Mellon Arena, at least for now.

Seth over at Empty Netters has a few kind words for some of the reporters that are reporting the Evgeni Malkin trade rumors.

We have to say we're less than impressed with the Trib lately with all of it's rather crappy articles, for lack of a better way of saying it. With wrong information and just plain stupid commentary, it's not our favorite place right now, but here's their article for today. Rob Rossi ( :| ) says that Malkin's agent told the Trib that there is no validity to the trade rumors and that Shero and Malkin's agent are to meet this weekend.

Random YouTube of the day...the Penguins taunting Flyers fans after their game 3 win on the road in the playoffs.

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