Sunday, June 22, 2008

Is it July 1st yet?

We said the other day that we were already tired of all the rumors and crap floating around the internet, and we still are. But now with the news that Marian Hossa is going to wait until July 1st and test out free agency, we really want July 1st to get here. And fast. Some of you might enjoy the speculation, rumors, and all the waiting, but we don't. It seems like every day it's something new. After getting the whole Geno thing under control (we think, who knows what other BS the media can come up with) we were hoping things were going to look pretty good and then we hear about Hossa. Basically, Hossa was offered a contract by the Penguins but decided not to accept and he's choosing to test the free agent market on July 1st, but not ruling out the Penguins. We're going to let you read all the info for yourself over at the Post-Gazette (thank goodness for some good reporting). All we have to say is we like what Ray Shero has said, especially about the Ryan Malones, Brooks Orpiks, etc. being important. As well as we hope Hossa knows what he's doing. It's no secret the Pens can't afford to pay a bunch of talented players top dollar, which is why Sidney Crosby stepped up and why Geno is following suit. If Hossa really wants to win instead of make more money, then he knows what he needs to do. And who wouldn't want to be Sidney Crosby's winger? That right there will up your points with his amazing play-making ability. If Hossa leaves, so be it, but don't say winning is more important than money and then continue to leave Pittsburgh for more cash.

Post-Gazette covers the draft here.

And last but not least, your random YouTube of the day...a Sidney Crosby Gatorade ad from a couple years ago that aired in Canada with a cameo by the Hanson brothers.

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