Monday, June 16, 2008

And now we must wait...

According to Puck-rakers blog, the Pens have already made an offer to Marian Hossa and expect to hear from him in a couple of days. It's said to be that 7-year $50 million offer we heard earlier. If he does accept the deal, and the Pens think he will, Malone will be gone. The Blue Jackets will then probably trade for the negotiating rights to Malone before the July 1st free agency chaos. The Pens are supposedly going to get either Dan Fritsche or a second or third round draft pick. According to this source, it should go down within the next 48 to 72 hours. I guess we wait and find out. You can read it here.

Also check out The Pensblog for info and links to a report that Oilers GM Kevin Lowe may have contacted Ray Shero about Ryan Malone.

Random YouTube of the day...

The NHL Road Trip commercial from a season ago. We're not big fans of Ovechkin but we are a fan of accents and that "lots of ketchup" line gets us every time. You've probably already caught on to the whole we love accents thing and with hockey having so many great ones, you'll see it more. Don't get it? That's okay. Enjoy the ad.

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