Thursday, June 12, 2008

Some links for you.

Here's a couple links for you we hope you enjoy. Even some Steelers stuff.  :-o

At 42, Gary Roberts is still thinking about coming back.

In case you didn't know (living under a rock maybe?) Malkin is up for some sort of awards, like the Hart or something.  If you have Versus you can watch.

If you have FSN Pittsburgh, you basically need to watch this show.  An hour long season recap of the 2007-08 Penguins in "Spotlight:  Building a Champion."  Should be good.

NHL players are rolling in dough.

Something else about Malkin being up for some sort of honor.

Yinz Luv 'Da Guins has their Season Finale Send Off Special up for you to watch.  A must do.

Now for some Steelers info.

Timmons seems poised to oust Foote at inside LB.

LT Smith in same boat Faneca was, but reacts differently.

That's all for tonight, see you soon.

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