Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hossa deal not true?

We were watching FSN Pittsburgh tonight and Stan Savran reported that Hossa's agent says that the numbers that are being widely circulated are untrue. Then we see in tomorrow's Post-Gazette they have a story reporting the same thing with quotes from Hossa's agent Ritchie Winter stating that the reported numbers are completely false. Who knows what to believe at this point as it's obvious that there are a lot of false reports as well as GMs and agents circulating information for their own benefit. All we know is that we're already sick of the rumors. It should be fun and maybe we're being party poopers but it's getting old for us and we basically can't wait till it's over. Although I suppose those Malkin trade rumors can last...well forever. To us those are the most unsettling at this point. Why give up such a great player that is only going to get better? We haven't even had a chance to get to know Geno yet (which we hope he starts speaking English very soon, plus we love that accent! :) ). Just keep Geno, please.

You can read the Post-Gazette article here.

Mike Prisuta over at the Trib says not to hold all this against Ryan Malone.

Random YouTube of the day...the top 10 Penguins fights of this season. That Rutuu fight was something. Enjoy.

Also check out The Pensblog today for some new info. Actually you should check out Pensblog every day no matter what. Great stuff.

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