Sunday, June 15, 2008

Geno on thin ice?

An article dated for today, the 15th, in the Trib is suggesting that Evgeni Malkin is basically toast. It's suggested that if Marian Hossa signs the long-term deal supposedly put before him, that Malkin's days in Pittsburgh could be numbered. The article says it would be hard to keep three great centers as well as Hossa, Fleury, and their best defensemen, which may be true considering there is a limit to the amount you can spend. Basically at that point someone would have to go and this article suggests it would be either Staal or Malkin, obviously not Sidney.  Staal would come cheaper and also plays a different role, while Malkin and Crosby play basically the same role. Malkin would also bring a more lucrative trade. The article also goes on to suggest that even if Hossa does not return to Pittsburgh, how long does Malkin want to play second to Sidney Crosby? 

Quote from Joe Starkey's Trib article:

"Meantime, even if the Hossa deal falls through, how long will Malkin want to play rhythm guitar instead of lead? Sure, he might become the best player in the world, but he's never going to be the man in Pittsburgh.

That's just reality.

Malkin's not the one with the 'C' on his jersey. He's not the one who might get a $50 million winger. He's not the one who lives with the owner. He's not the one who runs the power play, and he's not the one whose job description includes saving the NHL."

This is the stuff that, to us, is upsetting. The article also suggests that every good player has an ego and two star players cannot exist in the same locker room for long. Why does there always have to be an ego? Is there no one who can look past themselves and to the greater good of the team? Does there always have to be unhealthy competition? It pretty much makes us sick. Many people will say they understand these things, they understand the "business" and the big money. We don't think we ever will. Healthy competition to make each other better should be there, but why does it always have to be, who is best? This is a team sport, correct? How about you worry about the team and helping your team by being the best player you can be instead of worrying about whether you're considered better than the man sitting next to you? People talk about how winning a championship is the best thing there is in sports, that it's all that matters, but is it really? If that's true then why aren't more players taking a little less money to play with a team that's headed for the top? If that's true then why do personal issues and egos get the best of them? Overpaid athletes will complain they have to "take care of their family." Anyone can appreciate what that takes, but tell me this, could you live on 8 million dollars for the rest of your life? I think you could. Some of these athletes make more in a year than most will ever see in their entire lives, yet greed always takes over. It's time to stop and get some priorities straight. If you're really playing for the love of the game, then you'll be with the team and the city that has the chance to go places, the one that loves you unconditionally. That extra million can't make you truly happy no matter what you try to tell yourself. We may be waiting forever, but we're still waiting for the athlete that truly "sacrifices." Sidney Crosby took the hometown discount to let a team be built around him, he took the first step, and more than likely not his last towards that, and for that he deserves credit. Crosby may always come before Malkin, but he was here first. He's the captain, as he should be. A great role model and leader. There is always enough room for more than one super star, but generally egos and money get in the way. We just hope that's not the case here.

That was our rant, some may agree, others may not. It doesn't matter. I think all of us want the same thing, Sidney and Geno together for years to come because they are both exciting and both could be the best player in the world. Watching them develop should be a fun ride and full of highlights. Let's hope money and egos work out. 

(Disclaimer: We are in no way insinuating we think Malkin has a problem with Crosby or that he thinks he is "second best." Nor are we saying we think Malkin would walk away for big money, we think his comments from the other day show that. In the end none of us know Malkin that well considering his voice isn't often heard. I think a lot of us have a good idea of what kind of man Sidney Crosby is, we're just waiting to see what kind of man Malkin is.)

You can read this article here.

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