Sunday, October 5, 2008

Pens win opener 4-3 in OT

We have to say it was really nice watching hockey today. We've really missed it and we can't believe it's back. It's also great being able to watch hockey and football in the same day, but more on that later. Tyler Kennedy was on fire in the game yesterday, scoring two goals and flying across the ice. We'd hoped Kennedy would have a good year as he's always all over the place but had a slump in goals, well we guess he's off to a pretty good start for the year. Scoring that soon into the game was awesome and was a nice move. Then he scored the game winning goal in OT after picking off Jason Spezza. Wow. Great game for him. He also earned the first star. He might just make it pretty hard to move him down to a lower line when Sykora is able to play. Evgeni Malkin's short-handed goal was excellent, and it's obvious Geno has started off the year right. Although we're still waiting to hear that English. (We know, we're obsessed) Crosby was looking good and had one assist. Marc-Andre had a good game as well. We don't do game summary's because we'd probably bore you to death, so you should head over to Empty Netters and read Seth's blog because he's good at it and there is always some humor involved, which scores points with us. If you want the NHL game recap, you can go here. Seth also has all the key YouTubes for you, including Geno's goal.

The Pens will play the Senators again today at 2:30. All the same stuff applies, FSN starts their coverage at 2:00 and will be followed by FSN Live.

Here is the new Sidney Crosby NHL commercial in case you missed it.

As for the Steelers, the PG where we usually take our info hasn't posted anything new for today yet like the usually have, other than a column by Bob Smizik, which you can read here.

Here you can read the preview over at Yahoo! Sports. And ESPN might be worth a look. And there is always the Trib, but you may have noticed we're not huge fans for obvious reasons.

EDIT: The PG is updated now and you can read today's headlines here. They will be sure to please.

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