Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pens Win!

The Pens beat the Leafs 4-1 last night at Mellon Arena. Sidney Crosby had his first goal of the year and three assists while reaching 100 goals, 200 assists, and 300 points. Geno had four assists and reached 200 points. Obviously putting Sid and Geno on the same line was a good idea. Crosby was insane tonight pulling out all the stops with perfect passes and some ridiculous puck handling skills. And at this point between being overly tired and having sore hands, that's all we remember. Other than those "you're watching FSN" or "you're watching the Penguins on FSN" adds are back and Talbot is still a crowd pleaser. That and Geno talked to Dan Potash after the game and the English is sounding good. You really didn't think we'd miss or forget that did you? That accent is so dreamy!

Here's your reading material for today:

Pens beat Leafs while Crosby and Geno reach milestones.

Bob Smizik thinks the NHL needs to ban fighting. (ha-ha)

The Steelers play the Bengals tomorrow in Cincinnati at 1:00 p.m. According to our TV, we don't get to watch it. We can only hope that the Bills don't sell out and that rule still applies and we're not stuck watching that.

Head to head: Ike Taylor vs. Chad Johnson Ocho Cinco.

Enjoy the game today.

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