Friday, October 17, 2008

We're back and Pens lose 4-3 to Ovie and Caps

We know we haven't been around for a while, and we're sorry. We haven't been around a computer or else healing from IVs gone bad. Basically we had to have a medical test done and an IV was needed and it took three people four tries, yes FOUR, to get it in right. So basically our hands are now completely black and blue as well as sore, so typing isn't easy. Should be short tonight, maybe the next few days. Thanks for understanding.

So tonight the Pens played Ovie and the Caps and were up to a 3-0 lead before losing 4-3. WTF?!?! That isn't how you're supposed to finish games. One positive being all three goals came on the power play. The rest of our thoughts:

-What's with Ovie's determination of hitting Geno as many times as possible, whether he's got the puck or not? And why were none of those hits called? Some were totally legal, but c'mon, that's a little ridiculous. We think it's more like Ovie vs. Geno than Ovie vs. Sid but hey.

-Paul Bissonnette looked good dropping the gloves, even drawing some blood from Matt Bradley. Awesome.

-Does anyone else notice that most of the time Tyler Kennedy looks like he's had about 10 Red Bulls before games? He absolutely flies.

-Crosby's two assists were great, but it's time for him to score that 100th goal.

-We like Goligoski.

-We like that Geno's speaking more English.

-Best signs of the night outside Mellon Arena before gametime: "Knock on Orpik's door, he'll give you free candy" "A good day for free candy" and the wonderful "Ovechkin, go back to your cave."

We liked the last one especially because we've been saying for a while Ovie looks like a caveman. What man in their right mind wants to look like that? If that's attracting women then that's just sad. Messy hair, unshaven (and no not in that sexy way), and no tooth, that screams caveman or redneck, take your pick. We know, it doesn't matter because he makes lots of money, right? We don't care, if you have that much money then get a damn haircut, buy a razor, and get yourself a tooth for heaven's sake. Geez. And if you thought it didn't get any worse, check out this. We were over at The Sidney Crosby Show and made the mistake of having to check that out. He says he gets a haircut to stay looking good. Uh, obviously he's abandoned that thought. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Here's a random YouTube for you. We're sure you all know about being Rick Rolled, well here's Barack Roll and it's hilarious. Enjoy.

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