Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sidney Crosby does not wear a speedo

Sorry ladies, Sidney says he doesn't wear a speedo. We know many of you would like to see that bod in a speedo. Somehow we think one wouldn't cover his rather large ass anyway. Why are we talking about speedos you ask? Sid was on OTR's Next Question and that was one of many questions asked. Like when will he outgrow Sid the Kid or one word that describes your playoff beard. One of the few laid back, fun interviews. Sid tends to be pretty serious so enjoy.

Continuing on the topic of Sid, ESPN has an article comparing Sid and Ovie with a pretty awesome graphic.

Also on ESPN, an article on, you guessed it, Sid! In the five things you didn't know about Sidney Crosby column, we find out he likes football and the Steelers.

So we got our latest issue of Sports Illustrated today and it's the hockey preview. Staring back at us from the corner was none other than good friend of the Pens Marian Hossa. We heard if you live in Detroit or Canada you got to see Marian Hossa on the full cover. Lucky them. People out there are already hoping the SI cover jinx hits Marian Hossa. We can't exactly blame them considering some of his comments but we'll try to stay neutral here.

On to what SI thinks about the Pens this year. They're predicting that the Pens will not only win the Atlantic Division, but the Eastern Conference, making it to the Stanley Cup Finals again only to lose to the Red Wings and, uh, that guy up there. They say "Thirty years after the last time two teams met in back-to-back finals, history is about to repeat itself. Same finalists as in 2007-08. Same result." We can only hope this is not the case. We really don't know if we can handle that. The Red Wings did lose tonight to the Maple Leafs. Make anyone feel better?

So here's to a nice warm summer spent in a freezing cold arena. Is this the year?

The Pens acquired a new face today from the Pheonix Coyotes. Mike Zigomanis, a 27 year-old forward at 6'1" and 195 pounds. He's a good penalty killer and good with faceoffs we hear, so shouldn't be too bad. Jeff Taffe also cleared waivers and will be sent to the Baby Pens.

Mark Eaton ate a lot after coming back from Sweden.

On to Steelers news, Big Ben has got it.

Now another Steelers player has been hit with a fine. Hines Ward was now fined $5,000 for "unnecessary roughness" on a play from the Baltimore Ravens game. He thinks it was against Corey Ivy but isn't sure. He wasn't penalized on the play. What's with that? How do you get a fine, but no penalty? The NFL seems a little out of it lately. Big Ben also backed up James Harrison on his penalty in the Jacksonville game.

An article on safety Ryan Clark over at Yahoo! sports.

Sports Illustrated also had a little Steelers info this week. Pittsburgh football was on the Hot list with the Steelers winning and Pitt winning and making it to number 24 in the college football rankings, while Big Ben was voted onto the list of most overrated quarterbacks getting 7% of the vote.

Pacman Jones is still getting into trouble somewhere. When will this man learn? The Cowboys and Jerry Jones are brushing it off. Hmm...?

And Chad Johnson, Ocho Cinco whatever, is kissing his coach.

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