Monday, October 6, 2008

Steelers beat Jags, Pens fall to Sens

In the sports filled day that was yesterday, we had some good outcomes and some bad. The Steelers finally beat the Jags 26-21 in Jacksonville, while the Pens fell to the Sens 3-1 in Sweden. Basically it's 2 a.m. and we're extremely tired so we're going to give you some of our thoughts from yesterday because we know you care so much, and then it's up to you to check out the PG because they're just awesome at what they do. At least most of them over there.

As for the Steelers game, a lot looked good for them. Ben got tossed around a little too much for our liking, but he really stood in there and made some great plays. It was nice to see Heath Miller so involved in the offense. He's always been one of our favorite players since he was a rookie and we love seeing him get the ball. Most people probably overlook his many contributions throughout games, like his awesome blocking skills. He deserves to be appreciated we think, so this week we tip our glasses to Heath. Cheers!

Was it just us or were the penalties in that game ridiculous? How was that roughing the passer on James Harrison in the fourth quarter? Like you can stop that train once it's going that fast in about 1 second? No, we think not. We'd like to see the ref try though. He hit him like a second after he let go of the ball. Whatever. BS to us. And how was that not a fumble on James Harrison's sack of Garrard? That should be a forced fumble no doubt about it and it better be in the stats on our fantasy team tomorrow or there's going to be a smackdown. Of who or what we're not sure yet. And what about Nate's taunting penalty? WTF?! Okay so he shouldn't do that, but neither should the Jags. We apologize for not knowing the name of the dude that did it earlier in the game, but it was a defensive player who made motions toward the Steelers while standing right on the sideline and that wasn't called. Let's get the calls consistent here, please.

Now don't get us wrong, James Harrison has always been a big man, but tonight we noticed just how big of a man he is. Those thighs are insane and he just looks like one big beast. Which probably explains why he seems to be held pretty often with no calls (go figure). But that makes us wonder how his thighs measure compared to Sidney Crosby. If you don't know by now, Sid's lower half is utterly huge. As in he can't wear normal pants and must get them all specially made because his thighs and butt are that big. They also call him "the freak" in the locker room, which says a lot. If you've ever seen him in hockey pants without the shorts, yeah that ass is pretty big. We could throw Jeff Reed in the mix too, those thighs are pretty intense. Any thoughts on a winner?

As for hockey, what's there to say today? The Pens looked pretty flat and once again failed to score on a power play until there was about 1 second left in the final period. It was nice to see Alex Goligoski get his first NHL goal, although it was a little too late. No word on whether Sidney Crosby saved the puck for him as he did for Sydor on Saturday. Speaking of Goligoski, he looked good yesterday and seems to be a great addition to the Pens.

Now we liked Rutuu when he was with the Pens and were sad to see him go, and now that he's not with the Pens anymore it's probably easier to bag on him but c'mon. That "punch" to the back of Sid's head and sitting on him was a little ridiculous. As Seth said over at EN, Rutuu looks a little dirtier when he doesn't play for your team. As if that show wasn't enough, he had to give Sid an "accidental" elbow to the back of the head. We love the fights and the physicalness of hockey, but we could do without these cheap shots. Some may not consider it that, but we do because we think it's just stupid. Clean checks and a good fight are great, but punching someone in the head from behind and sitting on them is a little childish and cheap. Just our two cents. Although Brooks Orpik did give Rutuu some free candy, which was awesome. And we also think Sid's teammates shouldn't let people get away with cheap shots on him, "the Kid" deserves to be stuck up for.

Did anyone else see the Terrible Towel on the Pens' bench? We think it was after Rutuu was sitting on Sid that they showed him on the bench or something and there was a Terrible Towel draped over the back of the bench. Nice touch. There was also a Pirates fan in attendance. Someone obviously gave him the wrong information on what team he was going to be watching. Either that or we just feel really bad for him that he's in Sweden and he's a Pirates fan.

That's all for us tonight. We probably missed more than one thing but it's basically time for us to turn out the lights and get some sleep because we're exhausted. Be sure to head over to the Steelers' and Pens' sections over at the PG because you know we love them.

Also, on a side note, if you checked out the band we posted the other day, The Study Band, and were interested in seeing them live we have some info for you. If you live in the Pittsburgh area and can make it out to The Brillo Box on the 19th, the band has pre-sale tickets and you can get ahold of them by contacting them. They also have pre-sale tickets for a show on the 17th in Bath, Pennsylvania. Go check 'em out!

And lastly, (we swear) tomorrow is the deadline to register to vote in Pennsylvania. If you want to have your voice heard in this extremely important election, then you must have your voter registration form turned in or postmarked at the Post Office tomorrow. No exceptions. So please considering going out and getting registered if you aren't already and let your voice be heard.

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