Friday, June 19, 2009

NHL Awards

No surprises here, Ovie took the Hart and Lester B. Pearson awards. Geno got the best of them all though in the Stanley Cup so we don't think he's too bummed. He was presented last night with the Art Ross trophy for leading the league in scoring. His thank yous (and Ovie's amazing humor):

What's up with Ovie's pants?!

If you didn't watch the awards or couldn't, don't feel bad. We sat through the whole thing and well...not too exciting. Especially the so-called musical performances. The best parts of the night were by far Geno's fabulous English and an Ovie advertisement for NHL 2K10. We tried to find the latter on YouTube but no one else thought it was as funny as we did for some reason. Basically he says something along the lines of "NHL 2K10 on the Wii is a party, that's why I'm on the cover." Only in broken English. We laughed for a good couple minutes on that one. Probably because of the lack of entertainment of the awards, but we still laughed. You take what you can get.

Big Ben even made an appearance in the form of a pre-taped video. Kinda sucked:

Max Talbot and Dan Bylsma joined Geno at the awards, including bringing in the Stanley Cup. Where was Sidney Crosby?

Geno and who we're assuming is his woman:

(All photos by Getty)

Post-Gazette coverage on the awards, including a few quotes from Geno on the awards and his summer plans.

Dan Bylsma got a congratulatory phone call from President Barack Obama. Sounds pretty awesome to answer the phone and hear "please hold for the President."

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