Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Kid and The Cup

If you're really lucky you'll see the above in your mailbox or on newsstands in your area. According to Sportsbeat this cover is regional, meaning if you live in the Pittsburgh regional area (we have no idea where regional actually is outside of Pittsburgh iteself) you will get this cover, if not, get Kobe and the Lakers. Yes, once again, some other sport rules over hockey. This cover is a special collector's edition so get yours while you can. The main article, "The Kid and The Cup" will of course be in all issues regardless of the cover.

We really like the cover and think it looks great. Seeing it without all the other story lines surrounding it, it's just nice. We sincerely hope we're considered in the regional market. If we get Kobe and the Lakers we'll probably throw a temper tantrum like a five-year-old. If we get Sid we'll probably scream like pre-teen girls at a Jonas Brothers concert. We'll be sure to let you know which one happens.

As for your video of the day, it's of the Pens taking the Cup to PNC Park on Sunday. It's nice to see a Champion of some sort at PNC. You don't want to get us started on the Pirates, although Nyjer Morgan is by far the coolest Pirate of the bunch for a lot of reasons. After all, his first love was hockey and his dream was to win the Stanley Cup.

Do you have withdrawals yet?

Go Pens!


Toad268 said...

If you go about not even looking at the numbers, usually you would say no, just like in the Steelers case in the last post. However unlikely in that aspect, it is likely when you actually look at things. I have been looking at the free agents and bouncing them off of playing time, roles on the team, and points in the regular season. I also looked at how they contributed in the post season. Out of all these things comes the salary cap as well. I feel bad for Ray Shero. I will break it down for you and try to sound smart in the process, yeah, like that can happen!

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Adesta said...

goin through serious it October yet?????