Thursday, June 4, 2009

Game 4

First off, sorry for the lack of posts. Our health isn't exactly spectacular lately. But how about that SI cover? We love SI but that just sucks. This series isn't over. Maybe the SI cover jinx will help out the Pens. We're just glad we didn't get that cover today, although the article is still in there. Eh.

Tonight is a critical game 4 and a chance for the Pens to tie this series up going back to Detroit and making this series a best of three. They can also make this not about last year anymore. All anyone wants to talk about is how the Pens are in the same situation as last year despite the glaring differences. They win game 4 tonight and this is a whole new series. They need to come out tonight like this is game 7 and take this. Being down 3-1 is a whole different world than being tied 2-2. It's crazy to think the difference between the two. Tie this up and you have the momentum going into Detroit, lose and you're down 3-1 and basically all but counted out.

We know that it's always said that there can't possibly be any more motivation in the Stanley Cup Final that winning the cup. Okay. But it's time to play with that Hines Ward mentality. Find something and have that chip on your shoulder. No one believes in you, you're the underdog, whatever. He's always found something to be mad about, something that drives him, and it's worked pretty well we think. After all, he owns many Steelers records now. One other thing they can take from Hines Ward, hit them before they hit you. The Wings looked awfully tired in the third period of game 3 and the Pens need to wear them down. They have every opportunity to win game 4, now it's time to do it.

Ya hungry?

Go Pens!

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Toad268 said...

So, for the record, we lost the first two games in Detroit 3-1. We won both the games in Pittsburgh 4-2. Looks like the title is perfect. However, that is the only thing that is similar between the four games. The series is tied at two, which makes it a best of three. Two of these games will be in Detroit, that is, if there are three more games in this series. It could all end in Pittsburgh. I have some strong opinions of the series so far, but you will have to read on to hear them.

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